6 May 2009

Scrubs season 8 episode 18 s08e18: Scrubs episode 19 s08e19 Finale

Watch Scrubs season 8 episode 18, episode 19 - The drama-comedy continues this week in Scrubs season 8 episode 18, episode 19 a one-hour season finale (part one and two). Are you ready to watch Scrubs s08e18, s08e19? Let us now discuss this finale after the jump.

scrubs season 8 finale

Scrubs season 8 episode 18 and 19 is entitled "My Finale" and will air on May 6, 2009. Mark it on you calendars so you won't miss it. Many guest stars will return, such as J.D.'s brother Dan will appear in both parts of the episode, some of the characters' former patients and the Janitor's real name is scheduled to be revealed in the finale as well.

You can read the full synopsis of Scrubs season 8 episode 18 and episode 19 below. Happy reading everyone!


Scrubs season 8 episode 18 (s08e18), episode 19 (s08e19)

J.D. plans to say goodbye to Sacred Heart, but will his final day stand up to his fantasy of scoring a hug from Dr. Cox or learning the Janitor's real name? Meanwhile, when random furnishings from Elliot's apartment turn up in J.D.'s place, it becomes clear that she finally plans to take their relationship to a whole new level.

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