14 November 2008

Difference of Multiply Online Buddy and Friend

If you are a multiply user, you must know already that when you invite someone to be added in your contact list, you must select relationship before adding someone in the contat list. You have the option to add them as professional contact, friend, online buddy and family.

But, have you ever wondered what is the difference is between Online Buddy and Friend in your list of contacts on Multiply?

Here is a tip when adding people in your contact list.

When you add new content to your Multiply site, such as photos, blogs, videos, reviews, recipes, etc. Your Online Buddy will see what you have added on their inbox, and then they can check it out. But your Online Buddies Friends will not see it on their inbox.

Adding someone as a Friend is different, because not only your Friend will be able to see all the new content that you add to your multiply site, but also the other Friends of your Friend and they will also see it on their inbox as well. So choosing someone as a Friend instead of an Online Buddy means that you are also inviting their Friends into your Multiply Network.

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