31 August 2009

i'll dance with you theme

I'll dance with you is a black and red color Multiply theme. The background is in Black color bricks, a picture of a girl dancing in the header and a guy break dancing in the footer.

How to get the CSS code? - Simply go to MultiplyThemesLayouts.com or go straight to this link: I'll Dance With You Multiply Theme

Hip-hop will surely love this multiply theme. Read More......

Music and Guitar theme

multiply themes, Music-Guitar theme, customized themes, multiply layouts

If you are a Music lover then you might like this music type Multiply theme. This layout is called Music and Guitar multiply theme. Simple but it rocks lol. I like the color of this multiply theme, a mix of gray and black. And the stripe is cool too. This theme has a combination of white and green background.

Here's the link to get the CSS codes of this Music and Guitar multiply theme. Read More......

Final Fantasy X-2 multiply theme/layout

multiply themes, Final fantasy X-2 theme, multiply layout

Another simple and cool Multiply theme. This Multiply theme is called Final Fantasy X-2, with blue background and photos of the Final fantasy characters like Yuna, Rikku and Pain. How to get the CSS codes? Just go over to MultiplyThemesLayouts.com site or go straight to the post using this link: Final Fantasy X-2. Enjoy the theme! :) Read More......