14 May 2009

American Idol Finale May 20 09: Who Won American Idol 2009 Results

American Idol Finale 2009 is few days away, who will win in the American Idol Finale on May 20, 2009 results night? I guess this is the most awaited of results night through out season 8, we will know finally who will be the American Idol winner for 2009 (season 8).

But before the Finale on May 20, 2009 (5/20/09), the Top 2 Idols Adam Lambert and Kris Allen, will perform the last performance for season 8 in the Pre-Finale episode on May 19. We don't know yet what the top 2 finalist will be performing. But worry not my friends, this post will be updated as soon as we know, so stay tune for that.

american idol finale 2009

In the meantime, who do you think will be announced as season 8 winner? Any prediction guys, who among these top 2 finalist Adam Lambert and Kris Allen will win the title of The American Idol of 2009?

UPDATE: Check this post for the results - 2009 American Idol winner.

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Top 2 American Idol: Top 2 Finalist May 13 Results

Who are the idols in the FINALE?

The top 2 finalist that will be battling for American Idol 2009 are:


DANNY GOKEY got voted off American Idol, Danny Gokey final song "You Are So Beautiful".

Congratulations to both Adam Lambert and Kris Allen for making it in the American Idol Finale.

What do you think? should DANNY GOKEY have been voted off American Idol?
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13 May 2009

Robert Pattinson Birthday | Happy Birthday Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson Birthday is today. Twilight Saga's New Moon star Robert Pattinson just turn 23 today, May 13th, 2009! I'm sure Twilight fans worldwide and Robert Pattinson fans already knew this, so lets all greet the most popular vampire a Happy Birthday!

robert pattinson birthday

Happy Birthday rpattz. Have a wonderful day and have fun!
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10 May 2009

American Idol May 13 2009: Who Got Voted Off 5/13/09 Results

American Idol May 13 2009 results night is 3 days away, but I can already feel the excitement on what will be the American Idol 5/13 results. In 2 days time, we will see the Top 3 Idols perform in next week theme, Judges Choice and Personal Pick for the Top 3. The day after that, it's time to know who among the top 3 Idols will be kicked off. Who do you think will be voted off American Idol 5/13/09? Well, that's we are about to find out this May 13, 2009 results night.

american idol may 13 2009

Any predictions on who gets voted off among Idols Adam Lambert, Danny Gokey, Kris Allen? Who do you think will be the top 2 finalist?

UPDATE: Top 2 American Idol: Top 2 Finalist May 13 Results
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Family Guy Season 7 Episode 15 | Family Guy s07e15 Peter's Progress

Family Guy season 7 episode 15 - The animation comedy continues in Family Guy season 7 episode 15 this week. In this episode, Peter discovers via psychic palm reading that he led a past life of as Griffin Peterson, a dignified gentleman who followed the beautiful Lady Redbush.

family guy season 7 episode 15
Family Guy s07e15 is entitled "Peter's Progress" and it will air on May 10, 2009. Add it to your viewing schedule cause for sure, this will be another great episode in this animation series. Ok guys, that's it for the meantime, and don't forget to watch Family Guy s07e15. Enjoy everyone!
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Adam Lambert One May 12 2009: American Idol 5/12/09

Adam Lambert to sing "One" by U2 or "Wicked Game" by Chris Isaac? In the May 12 2009 (5/12/09) American Idol theme, which is Judges Choice and Personal Pick for the Top 3. Each American Idol Top 3 will be singing not just one song but two songs.

The American Idol judges, Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson and Kara DioGuardi have already told the Top 3 American Idols on what songs the Top 3 will be singing on May 12 2009 (5/12/09). Here are the Judges Choice for the Top 3 Idols Adam Lambert, Kris Allen and Danny Gokey:

Kris Allen - Apologize by One Republic chosen by Randy Jackson and Kara DioGuardi.
Danny Gokey - Dance Little Sister by Terence Trent D'Arby chosen by Paula Abdul.
Adam Lambert - One by U2 chosen by Simon Cowell.

There is still rumors that Adam Lambert will sing "Wicked Game" by Chris Isaac. But Adam Lambert already stated that He will be singing "One" by U2 during his Hometown visit.

Which song do you prefer for Adam Lambert? "One" by U2 or "Wicked Game" by Chris Isaac?
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