5 May 2009

American Idol 5/6: Who Got Voted Off May 6 2009 results

Who gets voted off American Idol 5/6/09 ? Who among the top 4 Idols will be kicked off? What will be the American Idol 5/6 results ? We’ll find out when the full episode of American Idol airs this May 6, 2009.

The idols are now cut down to four, and we will know who gets eliminated in the may 6 2009 results night after their performance in the Rock and Roll night.

american idol 5/6/09

Who will be in the top 3 finalist? Do you have your predictions on who gets voted off among Idols Kris Allen,
Adam Lambert, Danny Gokey, Allison Iraheta?

UPDATE: Top 3 American Idol: Top 3 Finalist May 6 Results

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Kris doesn't deserve to get voted off. It should be Danny

Anonymous said...

Yes it SHOULD be Danny, but we all know that Kris or Allison will be going home. (I do hope that it is Danny though! He did horrible)

Anonymous said...

Danny and Kris ROCK. Majorly. Extreamly. Totally. Compteley. They BETTER be the top 2. They both deserve to win

Has anyone else noticed the similaritys between Kris and David "Archie"? He was my fav last year and hes doing Alot better than David Cook.

Adam Is gay he should be gone soon

I dont like Allison. Shes going home

Anonymous said...

Kris should be voted off. I think that it's going to come down to Adam and Allison.

Anonymous said...

Danny...I LOVE Kris and he needs to stay on there. I am one of the thousands upon thousands of 13-19 yr old teen girls who vote for him EVERY week

Anonymous said...

It should be Allison

Hayley said...

allison gets off

Anonymous said...

I live on the west coast - who got kicked off?

Anonymous said...

Go American Idol

Anonymous said...

even tho your on the west coast ... the east coast is only 3 hours ahead of us.. they wouldn't know either at 10 in the morning :oP

Anonymous said...

I think Adam ans Allison will be the top 2. Kris is good, but he did make alot of mistakes yesterday. Danny was good too, but he took some risks that i beleve werent that bad.

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