6 May 2009

Lost season 5 episode 15: Watch Lost season 5 episode 15 Follow the Leader

Watch Lost season 5 episode 15 - The drama continues in Lost season 5 episode 15 this week, with just two episode remaining in the season. Jack finds out that instead of crashing on the island, they would have landed in Los Angeles if they had followed the journal.

lost season 5 episode 15

"Follow the Leader", this is the title of Lost season 5 episode 15. What do you think will happen as the show nears to the season finale? We'll find out when Lost season 5 episode 15 airs this May 6, 2009. In the meantime, below is the synopsis of this episode called "Follow the Leader".


Lost season 5 episode 15 'Follow the Leader'

Jack and Kate find themselves at odds over the direction to take to save their fellow island survivors, Locke further solidifies his stance as leader of "The Others," and Sawyer and Juliet come under scrutiny from the DHARMA Initiative.

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